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Cavendish banana to be wiped out soon?

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Cavendish Banana
Enjoyed by many because of its taste, color and durability, the Cavendish banana's days may be numbered. This type of banana is highly susceptible to two diseases that are destroying many banana plantations throughout Southeast Asia and is threatening crops in other parts as well.

Head banana breeder, Juan Fernando Aguilar, is looking for a replacement banana. The Honduran Foundation for Agricultural Investigation, which has more than 8,000 banana hybrids in its fields, continues to house one of the most active banana-breeding programs in the world.

No fear though, Aguilar is confident that within 10 years, there will be a banana that succeeds the Cavendish. He believes that with cross-pollination, a new breed can be formed that will be able to keep the market going. After all, Americans eat over $4 billion work of Cavendish bananas per year. It is crucial for these plantations businesses.

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