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McDonald's Banana Pie

Stored under Reviews on January 25, 2007

I do not frequent McDonald's too often but I do scour the internet daily looking for all things banana. While digging through my favorites I came across 'The Impulsive Buy' which is great blog that does great reviews on all things edible, or not.

They were able to snatch up one of the very limited banana pies that McDonald's put out for a very short while. I had not even heard mention of this new test pie until checking on this site. I feel bad that I was not able to bring this news to you first.

If you are in the mood for a good funny read, check out the following link. Heck, check out the rest of the site while you are at it. You are bound to get a good chuckle.

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Review: Del Valle Strawberry Banana Nectar

Stored under Reviews on September 13, 2006

I was walking around my local grocery store when I came across a corner stand with this Del Valle Strawberry Banana Nectar for sale. I am always in for trying some new related to bananas so I took the plunge and picked up a can. After getting it home, I placed it in the refrigerator and waited for it to chill.

Del Valle nectar drinks are not soda based but rather have more of a thick juice consistency. This is common for these types of drinks and very much like a Jone Soda Co. drink that I tried many months ago.

Overall, the flavor was pleasant. It was a nice flavor change from your everyday soda. Made in Mexico, this gives it a bit of a multicultural feel. This drink is not for those on a diet however and pack on the sugar and carbs similar to soda.

So would I purchase a six-pack of this Del Valle Strawberry Banana Nectar? Probably not but I would certainly like to try their other fruit flavors. It was a nice change from the ordinary and certainly something I wouldn't turn down in the future.

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BerryBurst Cheerios - Strawberry Banana

Stored under Reviews on July 26, 2006

BerryBurst Cheerios - Strawberry Banana
Breakfast, the meal before all others. The meal that experts say is likely the most important one. For years, I neglected to listen and sat at my office starving until lunch. Not lately though. Welcome the BerryBurst Cheerios. My new best friend. I am eating a bowl as I write this.

First and foremost, these things are good. As a kid, I was forced to eat Cheerios and never truely enjoyed them. These however sing another tune. The amount of strawberries and bananas are perfect. Just enough to get one or the other in each bite. The banana flavor is great. These give Cheerios a whole new look on life.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a yummy breakfast.

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Review: Banana flavored Dum Dums

Stored under Reviews on May 16, 2006

I was looking through a bag of candy at my father-in-laws house the other day and came across this '100th Anniversary Flavor' Dum Dum. For those who do not know, Dum Dums are simply suckers with a wide selection of flavors.

The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the wrapper said '100th Anniversary Flavor' however right under it says 1960. Which is it? It is only 46 years old or is it really 100 years old? How does this get through quality assurance? Maybe they are called Dum Dums because of the people running the place are not that intelligent?

Anyways, as far as the flavor goes, it taste like every other banana candy. Basically, it taste nothing like a banana. I have already posted in the past about banana flavored candy tasting nothing like a banana so I won't go into it again.

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Review: Gerber Banana Baby Food

Stored under Reviews on May 12, 2006

Gerber Banana Baby FoodI am going to step aside and let my son review the following Gerber banana food. I am no expert in baby food tasting but seeing as my son sometimes eats the stuff, I thought he would be best to review it (sort of).

First and foremost, my son is 6 months old. We have been feeding him all different types of baby food for a few months now. These bananas were the first premade fruit that we have served him, in fact, it was the first bananas we had fed him. He gobbled it right up. From first view, it looks like he will be a banana lover like his father.

From a parents standpoint, the packaging on this food is great. It allows for you to place the top back on when your child does not eat the entire serving. We now use these containers for other things when we take him out to restaurants. It keeps things organized and safe, just the way parents wish it would always be.

I would definetly recommend the banana baby food for children and those rare adults who love the stuff.

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Review: Jones Natural BananaBerry

Stored under Reviews on April 20, 2006

Jones Natural BananaBerryJones Soda, most likely known for their crazy holiday drink collections such as Turkey and Gravy and Brussel Sprouts, are always coming out with new flavors to tempt the taste buds. I was in Cost Plus Worlds Market the other day and noticed BananaBerry. I had to give it a try.

I have had other Jones Soda drinks including the disgusting flavors mentioned above and overall, they are a nice change. The BananaBerry is in their natural line which has a more milky flavor due to the skim milk and cream that are included. The BananaBerry flavor is subtle but nice.

Overall, I think Jones Soda has designed a great flavor. Their ever expanding line continues to amaze people. Check out their website for further flavors and information.

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Review: Banana Creme-Filled Twinkies(R)

Stored under Reviews on March 30, 2006

A few days ago, I let the word out about the new banana creme-filled Twinkies(R). I mentioned back then that I would be doing a review when I could get my hands on them. I went out that day only to be denied as they did not have any in the store just yet. A bit bummed out, I went home and when I came back a few days later I was welcomed by the box right at the front door.

I really didn't know what to think when I was opening the package of these Twinkies. It had been a while since I had an original Twinkie so I was not certain whether or not I would like them. There is no doubt that growing older results in you not liking sugar as much. Overall, these limited-edition banana Twinkies are good. They definitely have a very distinct banana flavor and while it threw me off originally, I began enjoying it soon after.

My wife also tried these Twinkies out and she agreed that they were good. In fact, she thinks that they are better than the originals. I, on the hand, think that the original Twinkies are better. However, in time, I think that I could get used to the banana flavor and enjoy it more.

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Sonics Junior Banana Split

Stored under Reviews on March 17, 2006

The good ol' commercials from Sonic have done it again. They continue to bring back the funny characters sitting in their cars talking about off the wall things that are somehow related to Sonic menu items. This time around, they are talking about the new $0.99 Junior Banana Split. Just don't try to buy them with junior dollars.

I took a trip to our local Sonic Drive-In recently and decided to spend some loose change I had lying in my pocket. The commercials reeled me in enough that I purchased the Junior. I had to keep looking over to the passenger seat to see if some guy was going to start throwing sarcastic comments at me but then I realized, it wasn't a commercial.

The Junior Banana Split is essentially a banana split for a junior appetite. You get what amounts to half of a standard banana split. For $0.99 though, it is a nice change from your standard ice cream cone that you can pick up for the same amount at other places. They do make nice little snacks and I imagine that they would work great for small children that want to eat a dessert but cannot always finish one.

Maybe next time, I will get my wife one. I will need to go dig through the couch one more time I think. Anyone want to spare some change?

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Baskin Robbins - Banana Nut Icecream

Stored under Reviews on March 9, 2006

Baskin Robbins Banana Nut
Baskin Robbins, also known as the place with 31 flavors certainly has more than that now-a-days. I dropped into my local Baskin Robbins a few days ago to endulge in some icecream as a belated birthday gift to myself.

While browsing the flavors, I came across one that stood out to me. Banana Nut. I definetly had to try the flavor out and I was glad that I did. It was great. The banana icecream tasted perfect and with it packed full of walnuts, it really was nice.

Unfortunately for some, Baskin Robbins considers Banana Nut a 'regional flavor' meaning not all stores will be carrying it. Definetly keep an eye out for this flavor, its worth it.

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