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Polka Dotted Banana

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This is a recipe that I created over the weekend. I have been toying with the idea of chocolate and bananas and originally tried sticking chocolate chips into the banana and eating as it was. While this was good, the hardness of the chocolate chips seemed to throw it off. I decided that placing it in the microwave with a bit of brown sugar could do the trick, and it did. The banana turned a bit mushy inside and the chocolate chips really made this a great dessert. This would be great with vanilla ice cream.
Polka Dotted Banana
Servings: 1

- 1 Banana
- Chocolate Chips
- Brown Sugar

Push chocolate chips into a banana. This creates the polka dot effect. Sprinkle with brown sugar to your preference. Microwave until brown sugar is bubbly and the chocolate chips have melted.

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interesting recipe. I make chocolate chip banana bread for my husband sometimes.

Written by T. on Jan 31, 2006 08:59 AM

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