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A Chocolate Banana Affair

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Every year here in town, they have an event that they like to call the 'Chocolate Affair' however this year, I nicknamed it the Banana Affair. The reason for this is that quite a few of the booths had bananas included in their menus. If they continue to have bananas, I will continue to go try out their goodies.

Banana MagnetThe first thing that caught my eye this year was a booth filled with food related magnets. I quickly walked towards the tables looking for a banana. What did I find? A nice looking banana that would work great on my fridge.

San Francisco Chocolate Dipped BananasSan Francisco Chocolate Dipped BananasNext up are the food booths. I regret not bringing more cash so that I could have tried more of the food selection. The San Francisco Chocolate Dipped Bananas looked great and people seemed to be buying them all up. The workers seemed to have a hard time keeping up with the demand. You had a choice of dipping them in chocolate or rolling them in nuts as well. There was no clear winner on which banana type was being purchased more but I think I would have gone with the simple chocolate dipped banana minus the nuts.

Chocolate Banana  Yogurt ShakeWhere do I start on this one? Well, I decided since it was a hot day here in Arizona, I would try a Chocolate Banana Yogurt Shake and unfortunately I should not have. The first sign that something was wrong was when I noticed that my shake had been sitting there while other peoples were freshly made. The taste of the chocolate was terrible and the banana had an awkward taste as well. Overall, I was not pleased.

To finish the day off, we walked by a Maui Wowi booth which sold Daiquiris and Smoothies. Unfortunately for me, I had spent my money on an awkward tasting shake when I should have held out for one of these smoothies. The Banana smoothie certainly looked more pleasing than my shake did.

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