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Baby and Red Bananas

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Baby and Red Banana
As it likely is in other parts of the country, it is difficult to find different types of bananas. Your standard yellow Cavendish banana is what you will likely see at your local grocery but this last weekend, my wife and I were able to get out and go to a gourmet grocery store. At this store, we were able to pickup a few baby bananas and red bananas. These were my first attempts at eating such bananas and I am happy I have tried them. While at this time, I still prefer the Cavendish bananas, these new bananas will have a certain place in my kitchen and allow me to try a few new recipes as well.

Here are a few facts on each of the bananas.

Red Bananas
Red Bananas - These short, chunky bananas have red skin. When the skin starts to turn purple they are ripe and ready to eat. Red bananas are very sweet and creamy. Some people think they taste like a cross between a Cavendish banana and a strawberry.

Baby Bananas
Baby Bananas, also known as Oritos, Lady Fingers and Manzanos, received their name because they resemble the hands of small children--plump and short. These subtropical varieties of bananas are grown at higher altitudes. The peel has a yellow-pinkish cast. Quite sweet, these bananas taste best at full ripeness, when the peel is freckled with sugar spots.

Information provided by Dole.

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