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Joke: First sight of a banana

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Two young children, Jimmy and Susan, (who had never seen or eaten bananas) were on a train. Seated opposite them was a soldier who had just come back from duty in the tropics. He had in his lap a bunch of bananas.

Jimmy asked the soldier "What are those yellow things?" The soldier explained that they were bananas and asked the children if they would each like to have one. They eagerly said "yes". The soldier then showed them how to pull down the peel to get at the banana fruit.

Just as Jimmy and Susan took a bite of their banana, the train entered a dark tunnel and the carriage interior was pitch black.

Jimmy then cried out "Susan, don't take a bite out of yours. I've just gone blind."

Thanks to Mike Lomas for providing us this joke.

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Written by Tina on Jul 21, 2006 01:27 PM

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