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Baskin Robbins - Banana Nut Icecream

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Baskin Robbins Banana Nut
Baskin Robbins, also known as the place with 31 flavors certainly has more than that now-a-days. I dropped into my local Baskin Robbins a few days ago to endulge in some icecream as a belated birthday gift to myself.

While browsing the flavors, I came across one that stood out to me. Banana Nut. I definetly had to try the flavor out and I was glad that I did. It was great. The banana icecream tasted perfect and with it packed full of walnuts, it really was nice.

Unfortunately for some, Baskin Robbins considers Banana Nut a 'regional flavor' meaning not all stores will be carrying it. Definetly keep an eye out for this flavor, its worth it.

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