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Cooking Banana Varieties - Part #1

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Here are 6 types of bananas used for cooking that you may have never heard of.

BALONGKAUE - (pronounced ball long coo) is a cooking type, which grows about 12 ft. tall. The fruit has a bluish/green outer appearance, with white flesh. Is a very sturdy and attractive plant that can be eaten out of hand when very ripe.

CARDABA - A Philippine cooking variety that is a truly an attractive plant with a bluish hue to the fruit and very white pulp. The fruit is stubby and irregular in shape but can get quite large. Height 10-12 ft.

DWARF & TALL ORINOCO - Named from the region in South America near the Orinoco river where they grew profusely, they are also called the horse banana or "burro". These angulated cooking bananas are also a tasty treat out of hand when fully ripe. Their versatility make them popular in many regions of the world. Height 5-6 ft. dwarf & 12-14 ft. on the tall.

ELE ELE - A Hawaiian cooking variety that is known for its very dark pseudostem. Sometimes called the Hawaiian Black, it gets a purplish hue, especially in more acid volcanic type soil. Full sized fruit. Grows about 14 ft. tall.

HUA MOA - A Polynesian cooking banana that is short and stubby but packed with flavor. These make wonderful tostones and maduros as well as other banana recipes. The large full leaves and fat, rounded fruit make this a great looking plant. Height about 12 ft.

MAIA MAOLI - This 12-14 ft. tall plant of the Polynesian cooking variety has delicious flavor and statuesque elegance. It is mostly green with slight red colors in the pseudostem giving serious competition to the other cooking varieties.

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