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Sonics Junior Banana Split

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The good ol' commercials from Sonic have done it again. They continue to bring back the funny characters sitting in their cars talking about off the wall things that are somehow related to Sonic menu items. This time around, they are talking about the new $0.99 Junior Banana Split. Just don't try to buy them with junior dollars.

I took a trip to our local Sonic Drive-In recently and decided to spend some loose change I had lying in my pocket. The commercials reeled me in enough that I purchased the Junior. I had to keep looking over to the passenger seat to see if some guy was going to start throwing sarcastic comments at me but then I realized, it wasn't a commercial.

The Junior Banana Split is essentially a banana split for a junior appetite. You get what amounts to half of a standard banana split. For $0.99 though, it is a nice change from your standard ice cream cone that you can pick up for the same amount at other places. They do make nice little snacks and I imagine that they would work great for small children that want to eat a dessert but cannot always finish one.

Maybe next time, I will get my wife one. I will need to go dig through the couch one more time I think. Anyone want to spare some change?

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Wow!! I just saw the commercial for the 99 cent banana split!!! Oh!! Oh!! gotta have one!! I live in Florida...Palm Harbor,,,34683....Does anyone know where I can find a SONICS ???

Written by Lorrie727 on Jan 30, 2008 04:02 PM

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