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Banana Ketchup - Who knew?

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Banana Ketchup

Yes you did read correctly. Banana ketchup. Ketchup made from bananas. How glorious. It was an English lady, a farmer's wife who informed me about the existence of Banana Ketchup. She discovered it on one of her holidays to the Caribbean. I suppose the St. Lucians have known about this gem for years. She suggested the St. Lucian economy could benefit if this product became widely available in the UK. It just goes to remind us that there are some unique products in the different islands of the Caribbean, that we need to ensure reaches the British market. Banana ketchup is really a healthy choice product, manufactured with 100% banana fruit (no tomatoes). This product is rich in potassium which is excellent for health.

There are 2 varieties, one red, made by Viking Traders, the other which is yellow is made by Baron Foods. Both companies are St. Lucian companies.

The yellow sauce:
I'd say this is the best version. It is manufactured by Baron Foods of St. Lucia. No colouring is added. It is yellow as you would expect from the colour of bananas. The ingredients are banana pulp, garlic, onion, salt, spices. It tastes divine. It adds an exotic flavour to marinades, barbecues, grills or any dish. It is also excellent as a dip. Baron Foods have a division in London. See the supplier list for contact details.

The red sauce:
Banana ketchup is manufactured by Viking Traders Ltd. in St. Lucia. The wonderful distinctive flavour is produced with a blend of spices and herbs together with pure bananas. In order to market this product as a ketchup, Viking Traders decided that red colouring had to be added. The seed of the Anato is used to give the rich red colour, this seed is considered to be nature’s most purest food colouring in the world.

via Caribbean Food Emporium

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Also try searching some Asian markets.
SOme Filipino companies have been making their own variety of banana ketchup for a while.

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