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Review: Gerber Banana Baby Food

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Gerber Banana Baby FoodI am going to step aside and let my son review the following Gerber banana food. I am no expert in baby food tasting but seeing as my son sometimes eats the stuff, I thought he would be best to review it (sort of).

First and foremost, my son is 6 months old. We have been feeding him all different types of baby food for a few months now. These bananas were the first premade fruit that we have served him, in fact, it was the first bananas we had fed him. He gobbled it right up. From first view, it looks like he will be a banana lover like his father.

From a parents standpoint, the packaging on this food is great. It allows for you to place the top back on when your child does not eat the entire serving. We now use these containers for other things when we take him out to restaurants. It keeps things organized and safe, just the way parents wish it would always be.

I would definetly recommend the banana baby food for children and those rare adults who love the stuff.

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