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I'm a Banana... Gimme Money. God Bless

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Panhandling Banana
I don't know about you but on my way to work, I come across street corners with panhandlers looking for money (How they survive the Arizona heat is beyond me). Have you ever spotted a man dressed up in a banana outfit looking for money? No? Then you must not have been at the right place at the right time. The guy actually stood out on the corner of multiple places while dressed up as a banana in an attempt to see how much money he could gather.

I went out panhandling today with a film crew. They hid in the bushes most of the day. I didn't want their presence affecting people reactions. It was fun seeing the responses of folks who did see the camera crew though. I think they thought it was candid camera or some similar "reality" show. And I guess it is, sort of. Of course it was even more fun seeing how people reacted to me being dressed as a giant banana. I went through lots of clever banana puns, "I find your money quite a-peel-ing", "Why not SPLIT a couple of bucks with me? It would help a BUNCH" but in the end I went for a more direct approach:

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