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Study shows consumers buying grapes over bananas

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When Larry devastated the vast majority of Australia’s banana plantations in March this year, the price of the much-loved fruit escalated from as low as $2.00 per kilo to anywhere up to $14.00 per kilo, but have Aussies been prepared to shell out for their favourite fruit? Apparently not, according to new research from AC Nielsen.

The latest research reveals that purchasing of bananas has plummeted by more than 50 percentage points, from an average of 71% of households in June 2005 to just 21% of households in June 2006.

Of the two in 10 households stoically maintaining their banana consumption, the average spent per kilo is up by 140% versus the same time last year ($11.15 per kilo compared to just $4.63 in June 2005), helping to soften the overall dollar impact on the category from those consumers who have opted to switch to alternative fruits or dropped out of the segment altogether.

Of those consumers switching their fruit selections, the most popular three fruits to replace bananas were grapes, apples and pears, securing 31%, 20% and 11% respectively of consumers switching from bananas to alternative fruits.

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