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A hand of prize-winning bananas

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There may be fewer bananas around this year, following Cyclone Larry in Far North Queensland, but that doesn't mean the quality of the fruit has dropped.

That's the consensus after the Ekka, when many 'hands' (what shoppers usually refer to as a 'bunch') of bananas were still sent in for display and judging.

Tony Heidrich, CEO of Australian Banana Growers (and otherwise known as the King Banana) was pleasantly surprised by the amount of entries. "I think a lot of people probably thought that with the cyclone this year, bananas would be a bit light on this year, but fortunately the growers in the south here came to the party and we’ve had some excellent exhibits this year," he says.

There was very little fruit send in from North Queensland, however. "Usually they always send bunches down," laments Tony. "There was a couple of bunches from the north this year, but of course there’s very little fruit around up there."

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