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"Behind the banana leaf" photo exhibition to open

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VietNamNet Bridge – 10 photos themed "behind the banana leaf" taken by Tran Huy Hoan, a famous photographer, will be showcased in Hanoi from September 14 to October 14. All 10 photos are black and white. They depict the natural beauty of women’s bodies. Banana leaves, conical hats, bamboo birdcages, porcelain vases are employed in the photos to make the figures more realistic and more impressive.

Explaining why he chose these things, Hoan said that they were typically Vietnamese and part of everyday life in Vietnam.

The acclaim he has received with these photos is due to his portrayal of the timeless from a modern angle.

The exhibition will be organised at Mosaique Livingroom, 23 Ngo Van So Street, Hanoi.


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