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Review: Del Valle Strawberry Banana Nectar

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I was walking around my local grocery store when I came across a corner stand with this Del Valle Strawberry Banana Nectar for sale. I am always in for trying some new related to bananas so I took the plunge and picked up a can. After getting it home, I placed it in the refrigerator and waited for it to chill.

Del Valle nectar drinks are not soda based but rather have more of a thick juice consistency. This is common for these types of drinks and very much like a Jone Soda Co. drink that I tried many months ago.

Overall, the flavor was pleasant. It was a nice flavor change from your everyday soda. Made in Mexico, this gives it a bit of a multicultural feel. This drink is not for those on a diet however and pack on the sugar and carbs similar to soda.

So would I purchase a six-pack of this Del Valle Strawberry Banana Nectar? Probably not but I would certainly like to try their other fruit flavors. It was a nice change from the ordinary and certainly something I wouldn't turn down in the future.

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