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Peru will export banana chips to the United States and Europe

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(LIP-wb) -- Peru's Association of Banana Producers in the district of Salitral (Piura) will begin exporting "chifles" to the United States and Europe starting next month.

Chifles are sliced fried green plantains sliced (1 or 2 mm thick).

Representative Jose Amaya Chunga estimates that next year exports will generate revenues of S/. 1.2 million Nuevo Soles (US$ 370k) from a production of 198 metric tons.

“We will take advantage of 3,600 tons metric of bananas, not only for the chifles production but also for manufacturing banana flour”, Amaya said.

The Association groups 220 partners, with a total of 600 hectares. The production output of exportable organic bananas in this area reaches 14,760 metric tons annually.

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