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Banana dramas over as prices once more 'apeel'

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KIAL Lundin-Bingham has been going bananas without his daily dose of the 'good mood' fruit.

But with prices expected to drop to just $2.99 per kilogram by Christmas, the six-year-old's favourite meal of banana sandwiches will be back on the menu.

He's been stuck with cereal since Cyclone Larry devastated Queensland's banana industry, pushing prices past $12 a kilo.

Kial's beloved bananas were rationed to only three a week, but his big brother Damon was forced to go without while prices were at a premium.

"It's not fair," said Damon, relieved his suffering would end at Christmas if retailers' predictions come true.

Lee Matthey, who manages Coco's Fresh Food Market in Southport, said the price of bananas should be $2.99kg by the end of the year, the lowest they have been since Cyclone Larry.

"Prices dropped by $30 a box last week," he said. "The sign in the market is that we are down to a pretty good trend now.

"Especially if Woolworth's have had to follow the trend because they were sitting at $8 or $9 a kilo for as long as possible."

The cost of Cavendish bananas at Coco's yesterday was $6.99 a kilo, with sales increasing accordingly.

"We were probably going through 100 kilos a week when they were over $10 a kilo. This week we have sold 500 kilos," he said.

At one stage Coco's were selling bananas for $11.98 a kilo.

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