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Banana prices are increasing

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According to information provided by the specialists of "Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits" journal, since the beginning of this week banana prices started to rapidly grow. On Monday the wholesale companies mentioned the sales prices up to $14-14.7/box. This price is significantly higher than the price level recorded in the end of past week when the range was within $11.9-13.1/kg depending from quality and volume of the commodity.

The specialists explained the price increase by two major factors. First of all, according to the earlier forecasts, the demand for bananas has significantly increased as a result of short supply of fresh fruits on market. The second reason for price growth is a good quality of the supplied bananas. The market players pointed out that the quality of newly supplied banana shipments is much better comparing to bananas imported to Ukraine earlier.

The market players forecast that the price for bananas will continue increasing.


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i am an investor studying chiquita and fresh del monte. I was hoping i could give you a call to discuss the industry thank you

Written by bruce on Nov 9, 2006 08:48 PM

I am not certain if I would be able to provide you with any additional information. Free free to email me via the Webmaster email link at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

Written by Kevin on Nov 9, 2006 11:28 PM

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