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Rally's Banana Shake

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For those who do not have a Rally's hamburger shop in your town, it is simply another fast food restaurant that serves up burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries. It has been years since I had last been there but it's time was due and I made a stop in over the weekend.

I immediately picked up on the banana shake that they offer along with the standard chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors. I talked myself into getting one of the banana shakes but unfortunately I was quickly disappointed. I have made numerous complaints in the past about the fact that artificial 'banana' flavor taste nothing like a banana. This was the unfortunate case at Rally's as well. They must have had a vanilla shake with a bit of the terrible banana flavoring squirted in.

I was disappointed after my first taste but decided to finish it anyways. If you are perfectly fine with the fake banana flavor that is commonly out there, I would recommend trying one of the Rally shakes but if you are looking for a real shake with real bananas, you will quickly be disappointed.

Btw, for those interested, the burgers and fries are great.

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