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A BANANA price war is raging between Britain's top three supermarkets.

Shoppers can now buy a pound of bananas for just 30p.

But fair trade campaigners warned it will "unleash a wave of human misery".

They say poor workers in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean will be paid even less than their current 33p an hour.
Asda fired the first salvo by dropping the cost of loose bananas by 17p to 68p a kilogramme.

Sainsbury's and Tesco immediately matched the price.

Joanna Blythman, author of Bad Food Britain, singled out Asda for starting the cost cutting.

"Shame on Asda" she said. "This is just the sort of eye-popping price war that Asda Wal-Mart likes to use to pull customers into its stores."

She said a similar price war in 2002 caused misery in the Third World.

But Asda said: "We are completely taking the hit ourselves. It is completely our investment. Banana growers at the sharp end won’t be affected."

Sainsbury's also said they would pay for the price cuts from profit margins.

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