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Thief gets a banana punishment

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Police force fed a thief 40 bananas because they thought it would act as a laxative.

Officers hoped the fruit would help man pass a necklace he had stolen and then swallowed

But while they sat back and waited for results Sheikh Mohsin passed an uncomfortable night in jail, but not the piece of jewellery.

It was only after police fed him a hearty meal of chicken, rice and bread that it produced the required result.

According to Indian police, Mohsin, 35, grabbed the 45,000-rupee necklace from a woman in the eastern city of Kolkata and popped it into his mouth when police cornered him.

Senior officer Gyanwant Singh said: "Now he wants to go free and doesn't want to even hear about bananas any more."

He said a tired and rueful Mohsin was, however, staring at three years in jail if convicted.

"Bananas were good enough for another thief who had swallowed an ornament a few months ago, but Mohsin was definitely a tough cookie," said one clearly impressed police constable.

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