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Just desserts for 'Banana Splits' fans

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LONDON - U.S.-based Warner Bros. Entertainment has joined forces with Universal Music Group to revive the Banana Splits, the 1960s kids-TV costumed characters.

Comprising four costumed animal-like creatures, the Banana Splits were conceived by legendary animation creators Hanna-Barbera Productions to host breakfast-time cartoons sponsored by Kellogg's Cereals on the NBC TV network.

The popularity of their live-action comic sketches and song performances led to recordings on the then Decca Records, and some of the first pre-MTV music videos.

Now WB Entertainment has used its ACME Lab, launched in 2006 to revive WB's 1,000-plus dormant kids-TV properties, to breathe new life into an updated version of the Banana Splits.

The resurrected Banana Splits, filmed in Australia, will comprise 3-minute long shorts aired on the Time Warner-owned Cartoon Network, and on T-Works, a new multi-platform kids' social-networking service, designed to host all WB cartoons.

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